Bex "Trista Bytes" Trista is coming to Margate!

A gamer since the 80's with a love for all things retro, especially her beloved Megadrive and Jaguar although was lucky enough to play a bit of almost every system giving her a range of interests from the C64 & Acorn Electron through 8-bit, 16 bit and all the bits right up to modern day VR. Hooked on comics since her first Xmen comic, watcher of anime since Speed Racer and fan of sci-fi since watching Star Trek The Original Series, Transformers & Dr Who as a kid (that last one from behind a sofa).

Known primarily for indie game developer & indie comic creator interviews on Youtube and for retro gaming & geek chatter live over on Twitch. Often found out in the wild filming interviews and presenting on stage at comic cons and gaming conventions across the UK including of course PLAY Expo!

Bex will be hosting panels throughout the Saturday at PLAY Expo Margate including interviewing Asobi Quang DX about his 20 year passion for retro collecting, hosting our Youtubers of Retro Gaming panel & Q&A and co-hosting the Video Games IRL: Retro Edition live action game show!

You can find her over on YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter.


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